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An ongoing campaign to save a killer’s life in China

May 23, 2011

There’s an interesting but also sad online and offline campaign happening in China right now.

Junfeng Xia, a street vendor in a city in northeastern China, last June was sentenced to death for killing two City Administration and Law Enforcement officials as he was being violently beaten by them. Violence by officials from City Administration and Law Enforcement has existed for a long time and becomes increasing frequent and intensive in Chinese cities.  People who believe Xia’s conviction was unjust called on a campaign through Sina microblog, a Chinese version of Twitter, to overturn the intentional homicide ruling and spare him from execution.

The campaign is pretty simple, which only asks people sending postcards to the judge who is reviewing Xia’s case and posting a picture of the postcard through their microblog. Tufu, a human rights activist in China, first started the campaign on his blog, microblog and Twitter on May 15th.  The goal of this campaign is to get 10,000 postcards with people signing their real name on the card. Hopefully the postcards will  put pressure on the court’s final decision and may eventually save Xia’s life.

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