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Greenpeace’s Quit Coal Campaign E-mail

June 1, 2011

I got an e-mail titled “I need your help” yesterday from Greenpeace and it’s about their ongoing Quit Coal campaign.

The e-mail addressed my name and it’s from Greenpeace’s Executive Director Philip Radfordtor. Radfordtor started with his mother’s cancer and corporations proposed building waste incinerators in his neighborhood when he was 16. Then he said with Greenpeace’s help they finally made the proposal fail. Right after his personal story it’s a hyperlink which says “Today there is a bigger threat to our communities’ health — pollution from coal plants. Now more than ever, communities need our help. They need your help, today.” The link sends people to the campaign’s donation page. The page is very simple and has a clear goal- ask  people to donate. On this page, they state Coal-fired power plants kill as many as 34,000 Americans a year — that’s one life every 15 minutes. It has to stop. It’s a brief introduction but it’s also very strong because it uses data to demonstrate the harm coal has brought to us. And it’s short enough to allow people to read the whole piece. Following comes with donation information and suggests specific amount of money people can donate.

Throughout the e-mail, people can clearly find four hyperlinks which are all highlighted and leading to the same donation page mentioned above. People can also see a big blue button says “Please Donate” which also leads to the donation page on the right top of the e-mail.

I think it’s an effective e-mail because it has an appealing personal start to get people’s attention and keep them continue to read the following donation information.  More importantly, the e-mail clearly states their needs and is very actionable.

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