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Views on Some 2012 Presidential Candidates’ Web Sites

June 8, 2011

Obama’s site is like a blog and updates quite frequently. I feel like the site doesn’t want to give people an “official” feeling and tries hard to look more “grassroots.” Overall the site is very user friendly and social media friendly. There are four buttons above each post, which allow you to easily share this through e-mail and social media and make comment below the post. Additionally, I notice his site is probably the only one that doesn’t have his big image on it.

Ron Paul’s site is way more complicated. The site has too much going on, so it’s easily get distracted  and then lost interest. The good thing is there are tons of videos on the site and they can depend on people click on one of those before they close the page.

For Herman Cain’s site, there’s one thing bothers me. I don’t know if it’s his campaign strategy, the site only posts images of his supporters who are of Caucasian origin.

Tim Pawlenty’s video we watched in class is no longer the first thing appeared on his site. And now when you click the big images, they will link to videos which contain text on the side to add more context. There are both his latest Twitter feed and his blog post on the front page, which are missed on most sites.

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