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June 15, 2011

At first, Matt Bai’s “The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics” was like another foreign language to me. I know it’s just me, coming from a different cultural background with very limited knowledge in politics. I’ve learned a lot in related fields over the course of my graduate study but not until reading “The Argument,” which vividly presents the behind-the-scenes stories, gives me a better understanding in politics or more precisely people who engage in politics.

Bai travelled with the billionaire activists and the founders of the netroots across the country for two years. Drawing on those incredible experiences, in the book he gives tons of insider details of Democratic Party that ordinary people wouldn’t have access to. “The Argument” begins with some Democrat failures and then takes an insightful look at the progressive movements inside the party.

For me, the book provides a mini modern history of the Democratic Party and has a special focus on the transitional phrase the party has been through. It’s a fun read and looks quite fresh to me. But as a person with limited knowledge and interest in both parties, I feel like propaganda is everywhere when reading the book. I haven’t really read any nonfiction politics books like this before, so maybe it’s quite normal since it’s from an opinioned writer who has a clear bias.

All in all, “The Argument” provides a comprehensive picture of the Democratic Party in transition and discusses the potential future they should head on. I don’t really think it’s a book for everyone but definitely would inspire people from all walks of life and background in some way.

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